What is The Real Value, 2010

Bella Mung Prize

The inspiration for the medal comes from a photo taken in a market where chickens are hung up for sale.  When one of the chickens is sold the price tag remains.  Ironically, the head of the hawker appears under the remaining price tag and looks as if he is on sale. This leads me to ponder the relationship between humans and value.

‘‘What is the real value?’’ Different people will have different answers as we all have different rulers. It is become pointless to define the value of a person. However, as we exist in the world, we must have a value and I think the only ruler that can measure one’s value is your self-ruler. 

Hence, on one side of my medal is a portrait representing me and on the other side is my self-ruler. As a portrait can resemble anyone, I crafted my own fingerprints as the face. Fingerprints symbolize the uniqueness of a person and convey the meaning that everyone is special. 

I didn’t set any price for the medal, as I intend to let the customers set it by themselves.  It is because the real values should be set by themselves. 

Friendship, 2015

Bella Mung Works 

In the ”Friendship’ collection, there are five different t-shirts which are ‘We Laugh Together’, ‘We Cry Together’, ‘We Angry Together’, ‘We Fear Together’, and ‘We Disgust Together’.  It is because a true friend means to overcome all emotions together which inspired me to use the Emotions from the PIXAR’s movie Inside Out with the combination of other PIXAR’s movies characters which also has a strong image related to each emotion.  Not only to create an interesting effect but also to remind the viewer and wearer of the other PIXAR’s movie. 

On the back of a t-shirt, I chose to use the shape and what each emotion represents with the combination of the back words.  For example, Joy is a star, Sadness is a teardrop, Anger is a firebrick, Disgust is broccoli and Fear is a raw nerve.  

Punch the COVID Away, 2021

During the lockdown in 2021, I created the ‘Punch the COVID Away’ which is a 130cm inflatable beach ball designed in COVID virus shape.  After the lockdown, I hosted an event in Island Garden, London inviting people not only to punch the COVID away as an analogy that we punch the COVID away but also to release their stress due to COVID.

I created this work not only to bring joy, stress release, and laughter to everyone but also to send my respect to all medical professionals.

Kick the COVID Away, 2021

For the ‘Kick the COVID Away’, I created the same time as the ‘Punch the COVID Away’ during the lockdown in 2021.  ‘Kick the COVID Away’ is a football size inflatable beach ball designed in COVID virus shape.  I created this work not only to bring joy, and laughter to everyone but also to send my respect to all medical professionals.

Redefine the Human Form, 2012

The project is a live project given by MADE JEWELLERY, the fairtrade jewelry brand.  It is based on ideas of sustainable practice and ethics, I was challenged to look at where their materials came from and to use materials in an innovative way.

My inspiration comes from the way an African woman carries and protects a baby.  I found there is an interesting relationship between the woman and her baby.   No matter how the mother walks, it depends on how the way she carries her baby.   The baby not only distorts the woman figure and the way she walks but also it is questioning the beauty of the woman figure.

Words and Emotions, 2009


This piece of work is inspired by two Chinese words which are 悲 and 樂.  悲 and 樂 are both Chinese emotional word that means sad and joy.  However, the face next to each word is completely opposite to the meaning of the word which is created by the strokes of the word.

The face next to the word 悲 is a happy face, and the face next to the word 樂 is a sad face which is a metaphor for a person having a sad face does not mean he/she is sad.  On the other hand,  if a person has a happy face does not mean he/she is happy.