Design and Craft

  • Start date
    09-12-2022 3:30
  • End date
    18-03-2023 12:45
  • Course length
    5x Lesson
  • Class duration
    60 Minutes

Course Description

The course is designed to explore different areas of design such as architecture, jewellery, and textiles which link together design, art, crafting, and math.  I will cover a wide range of materials, design skills, and crafting skills.  Children will use materials such as cotton thread, cardboard, metal wire, clay, paper sculpture, and more, along with problem-solving, simple drafting, and model-making skills to create and express their creative ideas through different project themes.  

Each project is individual and children are introduced to innovative styles of famous designers or themes, and to address form, feelings, function, and aesthetics.  During the session, children are supported and nurtured to progress at their own pace.  At the end of each project, they’ll go home with a finished piece of work.

For details on each specific project, please contact Bella at 07895 724912 or email 

*Please note parents can not stay in the studio during the sessions.


Who Should Attend

Anyone aged 7 – 11 who is interested in art, design, and craft is welcome.


Class Size

1 child/session


Cost (Payment on Site)

£125 / 5 sessions,

£245 / 10 sessions

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  • We donate every booking, to ORBIS | Help to save the eyesight of children.


The Courses Include

  • Clear, explanations and easy-to-understand lessons
  • All lesson materials
  • A sketchbook
  • Drawing and painting exercises
  • Received feedback on the work


Course Participant Data

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Sat 11:30am - 12:45pm
5 sessions (£125)
10 sessions (£245)

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Payment on Site
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  • Course name
    Design and Craft (Aged 7 – 11)
  • Location
    Bella Mung Studio
    E14, London
    United Kingdom
  • Info

    *Half term no class 13th Feburary to 19th Feburary
  • Contact
    Bella Mung
    Artist / Educator
    Tel: 07895-724912

Appointment Approved


You have successfully booked the Design and Craft course with me!

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Warm regards and looking forward to meeting you and your child.