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If your child hasn’t been here before and you would like them to try the course I offer, here is a free trial lesson to have a taste of the lesson I offer.   


Art & Craft Course, Aged 4 – 17

The course is designed to build artistic skills and let creativity flourish. 

From the fundamentals of drawing and color to composition, painting, Art elements, Art principles, and experimenting with style. 

Your child will study and explore a variety of creative media and subject matters with personal feedback.

This course is structured into four levels: preschool, junior, intermediate, and senior.  It is delivered as an ongoing weekly course. 

Bella Mung Works

Portfolio Preparation Course, GCSE & A Level

In this tailor-made Portfolio-preparation course, your child will build his/her own body of work, from research, idea development, and thinking processes, to the final piece of art which helps to prepare for university admission or competitions. 

In the course, it is full of flexibility and creative processes, your child will develop his/her interpretation of chosen themes and unique personal styles.