Enter the Dragon Fist of Fury Poster Design Workshop, 2023

Bella Mung Prize Barbican x Willma Willma

It was a poster design workshop organized by Wiilma for the 2023 Barbican Film Festival.  In this workshop, I talked about kung fu films and shared kung fu master – Bruce Lee’s film posters as an inspiration.  Then the audience created his/her own Kung Fu poster which is the main character in the film. 

Chinese New Year Art and Craft Workshop, 2022

Willma Willma

It was a Chinese New Year art and craft workshop organized by Wiilma.  During the workshop, I presented to adults and children the exciting facts about the Chinese New Year.  In addition, I taught them how to create Chinese Peach Blossom to decorate their homes and showed them how to write their names into Chinese characters.  

Celebrate the Lives of Pets Workshop, 2022

Willma Willma

It was a drawing workshop organized by Wiilma to celebrate the lives of our pets.  In this drawing workshop, I collaborated with an artist – Zosia Wyszomirska-Noga.  During the workshop, we showed the adults how to create pet portraits with different kinds of art mediums. 

Jewellery Workshop, 2017

Bella Mung Workshops

This workshop was a jewelry workshop collaborated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church.  During the workshop, I showed early years to years 6 how to create a necklace with many small triangles, colored paper, and string.