Origami-Inspired by Japanese Print

Henry Maynard School

The Years 3 – 6 students created origami-inspired by Japanese prints in the art and craft after-school club. 

Knitting and Crochet Workshop for Parents and Children

It is a parent and children knitting and crochet workshop aiming not only for letting parents and children spend time making art together but also, to learn new knowledge together with the knitting and crochet artist. 

Extra Curricular Activities- Cartoon Drawing

The Years 3 – 6 students learned different kinds of cartoon drawing in the ECA cartoon drawing class.

Colors of Rainbow

The Year 2 students used their fingers as brushes to blend the three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue into secondary colors – orange, green, and purple to create a rainbow color.

Artcathers Kick Off Ceremony Activity

It is the first activity of the school’s art club, the children used a special way to paint canvas instead of using brushes.  They are using different ways to express their ideas and feeling on the canvas.  

Paper Flower Vase

The Year 1 students used colored papers with folding technique to create a symmetrical vase.

Mid-Autumn Festival Art and Craft Activity

It is a Year 1 art and craft activity to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.  The children used colored pattern papers and cutting techniques to create lanterns.