After School Art and Craft – Graffiti Name Text Design

Henry Maynard School

The Years 3 -6 students designed their names in 3 types of graffiti style – TAG, THROW UP, and PIECE with the three elements of art- LINE, SHAPE, and FORM in the art and craft after-school club. 

School Trip – Solar Panel Company Visit

It is a school trip for letting children learn about solar panels, so children were able to apply the techniques and knowledge to their design thinking project.  For more information about this Art and Design project, please visit:

School Trip- Bamboo Frames Making

It is a school art trip for letting children experience the traditional craft-making process of bamboo frames in Yuen Long.  There are many things that children care about, where they excel, where they try hard, and where they learn important life lessons.

Cross Curriculum Art and Science Boat Project

The Year 1 students created a sponge boat in Science lesson, and decorated their boats in Art lesson.

Create Your Own Musical Instrument

The Year 3 students create their own musical instruments with cardboard and string.